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Minutes of General Assembly 2007

CANNES, FRANCE - 24th February 2007

Present for the General Assembly :

Ali Nihat Yazici - Turkey and MCA Vice President
Sakis Kouvatsos - Greece and MCA Treasurer
Geoffrey Borg - Malta and MCA General Secretary

Boris Kutin - Montenegro (and ECU President)
Damir Levacic - France and Organiser of GA
Mehaibia Azzedine - Algeria
Elena Boric Titova - Bosnia Herzegovina
Goran Mufic - Croatia
Essam El Gindy - Egypt
Jean Claude Moingt - France
Evdokia Makantani - Greece
Roberto Rivello - Italy
Agostino Scalfi - Italy
Khaled Al Nhami - Libya
Jean Michel Rapaire - Monaco
Willy Iclicki - Monaco
GM Nebojsa Nicevic  Montenegro
Slavisha Peric - Serbia
GM Jose Luis Fernandez - Spain
Nourredine Tabanne - Tunisia

On behalf of HE Eng Mohammed Al Gathafi, the outgoing President of the MCA, Deputy President Ali Nihat Yazici, made the following address :

One of the most common misconceptions about being on the Board of a commission or association is that it is a paid position. It is not. As volunteers, the MCA Board and organizers have devoted a large number of hours a week and traveled on trips without any form of financial remuneration.

Memorandum and Articles of Association 2003
Memorandum of Association
of the Mediterranean Chess Association


•1.       The name of the organisation is: "Mediterranean Chess Association".

The objects and activities for which the Association is established are:-

To safeguard and further the interest of chess within the Mediterranean region, as well as the interests of its members;

•(b)    To foster a positive framework of friendship and collaboration and generate peaceful relationships within the Mediterranean region;

•(c)    To provide an organisation for the promotion and participation of chess in all related existing and future activities, competitions and seminars within the Mediterranean region;

•(d)    To disseminate useful and instructive articles and ideas with respect to chess education.

•(e)    To raise funds by means of subscription of members or otherwise for all the purposes and objects of the Association in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorised by the Association;

•(f)     To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

•3.       The Association is an independent non-profit making Association. The income and property of the Association shall only be applied to promote the objects of the Association.  Members shall receive no dividend, or bonus, or any other kind of profit, directly or indirectly, from the Association.  However, nothing herein shall prevent the payment, in good faith, of remuneration to any member, or to any servant, or officer of the Association, or to any other person, for services actually rendered to the Association.  If any Member of the Association pays or received any dividend, or bonus, or any other profit in contravention of this stipulation his liability shall be unlimited.

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