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Round 8: Georgiadis and Wirig Still Leading
Round 8 did not produce any change in the leaders since Parligras and Wirig drew as did Mohr and Georgiadis. Erdoğdu defeated Vocaturo to join the contention for the title while Gurevich made no nonsense against the 11-year old youngster Vahap Şanal. Georgiadis and Wirig still leads with 6 followed by Gurevich, Parligras, Erdoğdu and Mohr at 5.5. Detailed report below.

  • On the first board, Wirig and Parligras drew on move 20 in an equal position but on the second board, Mohr and Georgiadis fought a lot but in the end white's extra pawn was not sufficient for victory.

  • The crazy game between Vocaturo and Erdoğdu ended as a win for black but white had the upper hand initially then lost the thread. In the end white continued to err and black converted it through the tactical means.

  • Gurevich outplayed his 11-year-old opponent Şanal after the youngster's position lapses and the first thing after the experienced Turkish grandmaster was to analyze with the youngster and his trainer Agamaliev, displaying some of his insights of the game.

  • Atakişi burned the bridges behind against Aroshidze but the Georgian grandmaster had the better chances. In the end, the game ended with a perpetual check. Doric and Sedina did not have much to play for in move 17.

  • Haznedaroğlu was able to win against Gelashvili which is surprising not only because Gelashvili is a strong grandmaster but also he has very high score against Turkish players in total. He was close again but missed the opportunity and then lost the thread again. Abdel Khaled won against Yeke.

  • For the fight for the women's title, Vojinovic drew against Köse but still leading in Bucholz against Sedina who drew with Doric. Makropoulou lost against Plasec but still the closest player to the third place.

Özgür Akman

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