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3rd Mediterranean Junior Chess Championships 2010






As a result of the initiative of Mr Sakis Kouvatsos, MCA Treasurer, the Mediterranean Chess Association is please to announce that it will be starting once again to organise the Mediterraean Junior Championships. The tournament is being sponsored by Giannoulis Hotels and Resorts who have also guaranteed the event for three years.

Kydon Sports Club in Chania will be the organiser and has the full support of the Greek Chess Federation.

The event will be held in the prestigious Giannoulis Hotel in KOLIMVARI ,Crete, Greece between 31st August 2010 (arrival) till 8th September 2010 (departure). Kolimvari, is 18km west of Hania and quite close to Kissamos-Kastelli.

This year, the organisers will also try to have a training camp by two FIDE Senior Trainers and this will depend very much on the response of the participants to this idea.

Full details and regulations may be found here : 3rd_mca_junior_champ_2010_crete

How to get there ?















Crete has its own airport. You can either get a plane from home or go via Athens. The website for the airport is : http://www.hcaa-eleng.gr/hania.htm

There are many ferryboats departing from Piraeus daily , the Cretan Greek ferry companies MINOAN , ANEK and others have brand new huge super fast ferries that make the trip to Crete in 6-7 hours Crete is also connected by ferryboats to almost all Greek islands as well as by plane to islands with airports.

Facts about Crete* Phone numbers*
Size: 8259 sq. km International code: 0030
Population: about 500 000 Local code: Ira:2810 Chania: 28210, Reth:28310
Highest Mountain: Psiloritis Tourist Information: Heraklion: 222487 Chania:92943
Airport: Yes Bus company: Ira: 245017
Airport: Heraklion: 245644, Chania: 63264 Ferries: Heraklion: 244603, Chania:27500

Giannoulis Hotels


Dear Sirs,

On behalf of the GIANNOULIS Hotels we would like to have the opportunity to organize the next three editions of the Mediterranean Chess Associations Junior Championships from 2010 to 2012 in KOLIMVARI , Crete, Greece.

We believe strongly in the development of our youth and a Mediterranean initiative promoting this worthy objective, has our full support.

GIANNOULIS Hotels is well known for its organization of several important events and we guarantee that the budget for the event will be secured completely by the GIANNOULIS Hotels. We are confident that we will be able to offer the hospitality that participants of this prestigious championship are accustomed to.

We look forward to welcoming everybody to Crete.

Yours sincerely,

Manolis Giannoulis








Some details about the Hotel for the event. The Hotel is the Cavo Spada and is absolutely beautiful It is a 5-star resort.















Cavo Spada Luxury Resort & Spa is located 18kms west of the picturesque city of Chania. Its location combines in a unique way the beauty and tranquility of the Cretan Archipelagos with the unsurpassed charm of the famous Old Venetian town which is only a short drive away.

















Positioned on the west side of the Gulf of Chania, the hotel is built on a long stretch of beach, offering magnificent views of the Gulf of Chania and of Cape Spada. The latter is a spectacular rocky cape after which our hotel was named.
















The hotel is spread over a 50,000 m2 private property, hence offering ample space for all the guests

This is a tournament not to be missed! Website  : http://www.cavospada.gr/

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